CARBON 14 Issue 25

Art/music/catch et sexe + cd Punk garage 26 titres

Carbon 14 is a bi-annual journal of art, music, smut and wrestling

Ron English (cover artist) * The Fleshtones * Puke Spit & Guts * Harley Race * Justice Howard * Wes Freed * ei Independent Cinema * Ward Boult * The Flaming Stars

Jeff Dahl * The Masked Super Jew * Hungover Gourmet * Alan "The Goddam" King * Our Man In Paris * B-Movie Buffet * Thee Whiskey Rebel * Six Pack Sinema * Manor On Movies

things that aren't features/interviews or columns:
"Monsters, Masks And Mayhem" by Bunny Fontaine & the Kommandant * "La Punition" by Bill Landis & Michelle Clifford * "The Greatest (Freak) Show On Earth" by Melissa Joulwan & Kim Sin * "2004: Summer Of Mud" by Alex Richmond * "Down In The Gutter With The Sewergrooves" by Dave Champion * "Attack Of The Pinheads" by Falling James * "He Put The Bomp..." by Jeff Dahl

plus reviews,
The Cheesy Graphics Extra Insert Of Art, Music & Other Fun-nesses
Music To Read Carbon 14 By (Volume One): A Saucy CD Sampler Of 7"s Spanning C14's First Decade Of Publishing, Featuring 26 Bands & 66 Minutes Of Loud, Lusty And (Occasionally) Lewd Rock And Roll

prix: 7, 5 euros